Friday, May 20, 2011

Quick Update

Marley and Judson having fun on the Golf Cart during Spring Break and a Sleepover

Giant Slide at Spring Fling

Judson becoming a Bear Scout he worked very hard on this and did lots of wonderful things he is now a WEBLOS 1 and will be going to Adventure Camp this summer for 3 nights with his dad!

This is one of the many accomplishments Judson did he worked very hard for 6 weeks every Saturday morning on "The God and Me Program" Allen attended this with him and I know they will both remember the great time they had together as their relationship with Jesus is growing. He received a "God and Me" pin and the "Religious award knot".

Art Show Judd drew a very colorful bird hanging out in the trees we now can enjoying this piece in his bedroom every day.

More to come hopefully now I am out of school and only 3 more days for Judd man!!!!

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